Operation Optimization(of Power Plant)

Operation Optimization(of Power Plant)

Operation Optimization (OO) of power plant is a set of software and services that is based on industrial Internet, uses data and analysis to evaluate the operation status of power station units and therefore to optimize the overall plant. At the same time, OO of power plant is able to optimize the operation and maintenance tasks and therefore to enhance the management capacity, improve the efficiency of each unit in terms of power generation and control the emission effectively.

Plant Optimization Coal-fired Units

Coal-fired Management

● Monitor quality of coal by using Coal-fired management system
● Enhance reliability, efficiency and reduce emissions

Coal Pulverizer Optimization

● enhance combustion, reduce carbon rate within the ash, and reduce emissions
● Reduce abrasion of coal pulverizer and combustion systems

Boiler Optimization

● Optimize combustion to receive better combustion rate
● Suggest low-load operation
● Optimze soot blowing to control emissions

Environmental System Optimization

● Improve performance of emission control system within operational limits
● Better dust removal results under the same power consumption

Optimized Intelligent Desulfurization System

The optimized intelligent desulfurization system adopts artificial intelligence algorithm and multi-variable control strategy to achieve desulfurization rate with predictive ability, to export SO2 concentration with closed-loop control of multiple objectives, to improve the quality of parameter control and the automation level, and to reduce the fluctuation of export emission. The system can take into account multiple factors such as desulfurization rate, concentration rate of exported SO2 emission and operation cost of desulfurization equipment at the same time. The optimized desulfurization system is able to achieve the lowest operation cost on the basis of meeting environmental protection requirements.

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