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Integrated solution for the electric power tunnel operation management

Tetra Electric-Integrated solution for the electric power tunnel operation management

This solution is independently researched and developed by Tetra, which has a number of patented technologies and proprietary intellectual property rights. The platform covers various functional modules in the monitoring area of electric power tunnel. Additionally, it is suitable for power tunnel monitoring area with high technical requirements. It is equipped with stackable module structure, which enables users to extend to new function modules. The platform has its own voice interface, SMS interface, alert management and remote control module. By combining different monitoring modules, it can immediately provide various personalized and targeted monitoring and operation services.

Overview of the integrated cable tunnel operation and maintenance system

Integrated system includes three online inspection systems: patrol robot, environmental security and cable ontology.

The Core Functionality of Solution

  • Inspection Robot of Electric Power Tunnel

    Various inspection modes, remote control of automatic walking, non-contact remote power supply, quick charge at fixed point
  • Environmental Security and Monitoring System

    Environmental monitoring and automatic equipment control system collect and analyze various kinds of environment situations in the pipe gallery, depending on the main pipe gallery monitor engine and the field remote control unit.
  • Cable Online Monitoring System

    High voltage cable monitoring system realizes the real time monitoring of the temperature, partial discharge and circulation in the utility tunnel. The traffic evaluation can avoid high voltage cable operational accidents, provide a strong technical basis to ensure safe operation of cable and an increase of dynamic capacity.

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