Thermal Power Industry

Solutions for the Digital Power Plant (Intelligent fuel usage and boiler combusion optimization)

Tetra Electric-- Solutions for the Thermal Power Industry

The solution is based on analyzing client’s operating platform and platform foundation, and then utilizes Tetra’s own software and tactics to bring effective BO, OO and APM to the client.

The plantwide optimization of coal-fired units

The Core Functionality of Solutions

  • Digital Coal Plant Management System

    The system changes the traditional fuel management model. In order to offer thermal power enterprises with an secured plan of low cost and high efficiency, this management system improves fuel management efficiency, and it also guarantees the data’s authenticity, accuracy, and reliability of the quantity, quality and price in terms of the amount of coal that has been received and fired.
  • Pipeline Status Monitoring System

    The system is based on the data collection system, database server, model operation server and input/output devices. It puts the calculation formula for the operating status of the power plant pipeline into use, and therefore to monitor the status of pipeline corrosion, thermal efficiency and pipeline leak.
  • Pipeline Lifetime Management

    Its lifetime management system mainly focuses on preventative maintenance, optimization strategy of spare parts, reducing maintenance costs, as well as managing health condition and reliability of equipment.

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