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Intelligent Weak Electricity of Cable Duct Bank

Intelligent Weak Electricity of Cable Duct Bank

The system of intelligent weak electricity of comprehensive cable duct bank (CDB) is a deep-integrated automated platform. It integrated many sub-systems, such as equipment and environmental monitoring, cameras and surveillance, security and protection, fire alarm system, phonetic communication, power monitoring, intelligent robot inspection and informatization management platform. By integrating and interconnecting the automated system in CDB, a complete and unified monitoring & management platform is provided for O&M staffs.

The establishment of this system is based on the intelligent management & control system of the IoT, which is an integration of “management, control and operation”. From the design of data collection, communication networks, system construction, intelligent linkage and data integration services, the system has solved the fundamental problem of strong internal interference, excessive measurement units and the complex coordination that exists in CDB monitoring and alarm construction. Additionally, it has greatly enhanced the reliability and manageability of the system operation, and has improved the recovery efficiency of the infrastructure, environment and equipment in CDB. Hence, the application of “one platform, three-tier structure, six systems” in the monitoring centre has been enabled, which means the remote management and linkage control target to internal equipment in the CDB have been achieved.

  • CDB environmental inspection

  • Regional control unit

  • CDB central control room

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